Further Education and Training Awards Council

St. Josephs School offers FETAC qualifications level 3 as part its post-primary curriculum. Currently the course is being run in conjunction with St. Marys School for Deaf Girls. FETAC offers students an opportunity to study and embark on a ‘learning for life’ programme that gives skills and an educational base that the student can carry with them throughout life.

The FETAC curriculum offers a course that can be tailored to the needs and interest of the group involved. Current modules being undertaken include those in communications, maths, catering, horticulture, art and construction studies to name but a few.

Each student takes part in practical achievements and project work as well as their on-going literacy studies and course work. It is very much hoped that the FETAC programme will be expanded and developed over the coming years and will greatly benefit many of the students in St. Josephs.