Post Primary

St. Joseph’s Secondary School for Deaf Boys offer Post-Primary to Leaving Certificate Level Education, with a diverse range of programs to suit the needs of all our students including:

Junior Certificate (All levels available including Higher)

Junior Certificate  Schools Program (JCSP)

Transition Year

Leaving Certificate (Available at all levels including Higher)

Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

FETAC (in cooperation with St. Mary’s)

The Secondary School offers a unique environment for Deaf students to push themselves to achieve their potential through the provision of supports, skilled staff and expert services.

The services of an Audiologist, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Career Guidance Counselor, a Home/ School Liaison person and access to an Educational Psychologist make up the team of staff that compliments the teachers of the school who are not only trained educators but experienced and qualified teachers of Deaf and/or Special Education.

The students learn in signed and spoken environments as both a means to communication and language development, and to facilitate education and future career prospects. The Secondary school follows the principles of the Primary school in promoting positive personal identity and self-confidence within a supportive, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

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