St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys was founded in 1857 under the care of the Irish Christian Brothers. In 1996, the first lay principal was appointed.

The school accommodates both Primary and Post-Primary to Leaving Certificate students. Both schools follow the National Curriculum as it is used in mainstream schools across the country. Here in St. Joseph’s we believe that each student has the potential to achieve a high standard of education when the right supports are provided. Our staff skills and expertise meet the needs of all our students, and we pride ourselves on the welcoming and accommodating educational environment that the school provides.

All members of our staff are trained teachers of education, and each is additionally qualified to teach either Deaf or Special Education. St. Joseph’s has the service of a full-time Home/School Liaison person, and access to an Audiologist, a Career Guidance Counselor, Educational Psychologist, and a Speech and Language Therapist.

Language acquisition and communication development are at the core of our approach to education. Our school environment facilitates both signed and spoken communication for our Deaf students, with each approach complimenting and supporting the other.

The school promotes a sense of positive personal identity and self-confidence as part of the students’ education. In addition, the school offers a complimentary Boarding service, with students staying in residence on school days, returning home at weekends and for school holiday periods.