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Welcome to St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys’ Website.

St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys stands as a unique and dynamic environment devoted to the education and support of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Our approach to learning, and in particular language acquisition and communication development, highlights the specialist skills and resources available at St. Joseph’s.

Here in St. Joseph’s we cater for Primary and Post-Primary classes, offering the most stimulating and accessible environment for all our pupils from the age of 4 to school-leaving age. Our philosophy sets out a framework wherein students’ unique and diverse needs are recognized. These needs are facilitated to ensure that their opportunities to learn are maximised and that their potential is promoted. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, educational environment which meets the individual needs of our pupils and enables them to become independent, responsible and creative members of society.

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School Promotional Video

CIDP have produced a new DVD on the work of St. Mary's and St. Joseph's schools and residences.

Latest News

  • DSCF0626

    Blessing of the merged primary school

    On the 2nd October our chaplains visited the new merged primary school. Each classroom was blessed and given a plaque and then we had mass

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  • DSCF4004

    Aware Bag Pack

    Thank you to all the Senior boys and girls involved in our annual Aware Bag Pack. The fantastic sum of €750 was raised! Shirley Wolverston

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  • DSCF0576

    FAI football training

    This year the boys and girls from the merged primary schools and junior students took part in the FAI training.  Lots of new skills and

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  • DSCF0554

    Junior Certificate results 2015

    Once again the boys from St Joseph’s did really well in their Junior Cert exams. Here are some photos of the boys opening their results

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  • DSCF6105

    Christmas is coming!

    Christmas preparations are well under way here in St Joseph’s. The boys from the primary school have painted a beautiful 7 foot Christams tree which

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